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You just want what is best for your family, friends, colleagues and us, too. That's why pistol ® cleaning products are made ​​from high quality ingredients that are at least 95% of natural origin.

ingredient how it works what product is it in?
alkyl polyglucoside
The top-secret cleaning ingredient inside our products? Believe it or not, it comes from plants. This plant-based cleaning agent is great at dissolving and removing dirt, oil and grease.
boric acid
This natural mineral compound works to stabilize the natural cleaning enzymes that break down protein-based stains, such as grass, blood and chocolate. The result? Cleaner clothes done naturally. cleaning wipes
colorful balls
Like any natural ingredient, natural dyes do have a shelf life. That’s why we add a very small amount of synthetic colorant (less than 0.1%) to our products for a bit of color. all purpose cleaner
Streaks begone! This corn-based alcohol allows our products to dry quickly for a streak-free shine. all purpose cleaner, cleaning wipes
fragrance with essential oils
Natural fragrances can go bad over time, which is why our products contain synthetic fragrances with oils extracted from plants that leave behind a clean, fresh scent.
This plant-based ingredient prevents streaking and ensures that our products are effective even when the temperature drops. cleaning wipes
potassium carbonate
drop of liquid
This mineral-based ingredient increases the pH levels in our products for improved cleaning performance. all cleaner
potassium citrate
pile of salt
Because natural cleaning ingredients can degrade over time, we use this plant-based buffer to balance pH levels and prevent our stain-fighting ingredients from breaking down. all cleaner
drop of liquid
Like anything that’s natural, the natural cleaning ingredients in our products can go bad over time. That’s why we add a small amount of preservative (less than 0.5%) to keep our products fresh and effective. all cleaner, cleaning wipes
silicone antifoaming agent
Bubbles are great when you’re doing the dishes, but not so helpful when you’re pretreating a stain or wiping up a sticky spill. That’s why a couple of our products contain an antifoaming agent that prevents streaks and unwanted residue. cleaning wipes
Our cleaning wipes are made from 100% wood-based fibers, which is also what makes them compostable. Just throw them in the green bin when you’re done! cleaning wipes